Donald Michael "Don" Dohler (born January 27, 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA; passed away December 2, 2006 in Perry Hall, Maryland, USA) was an American film director known for making low-budget science fiction and horror films as well as work in underground comics and publishing.

Dohler’s first film, The Alien Factor, was released in 1976. Featuring special effects from Ernest Farino, John Cosentino and Larry Schelecter, this sci-fi thriller appeared on TV frequently throughout the 1980s.

Dohler made a several more films during the 1980s, including The Galaxy Invader, Nightbeast, Blood Massacre and Fiend, a serial killer film with a supernatural twist.Dohler often worked with the same cast of Baltimore actors.

Film Ventures International later took footage from The Galaxy Invader for their re-cut version of what became the opening credits to Mystery Science Theater 3000 Experiment #303 Pod People


Motion picturesEdit

  • The Alien Factor (1976) (Director, Writer, Uncredited Producer, Co-Star, Additional Photographer and Editor)
  • Fiend (1980)
  • Nightbeast (1982)
  • The Galaxy Invader (1985) (Director, Writer, Special Sound Effects and Editor)
  • Blood Massacre (1988)
  • Alien Rampage (1999) (A.K.A. Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage)
  • Harvesters (2001) (Remake of Blood Massacre)
  • Stakes (2002)
  • Vampire Sisters (2003)
  • Crawler (In Post-Production)
  • Dead Hunt (2006)
  • The Front Man (2014) (Guest appearance)

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