CT12 - Rattlers
Release Date July 17, 2012
Movie Director John McCauley
Year 1976
Cast Sam Chew Jr.
Elisabeth Chauvet
Dan Priest
Darwin Joston
Preceded by War of the Insects

The MovieEdit


A herpetologist discovers a colony of rattlesnakes that have been affected by military nervous gas and are attacking local residents.


The EpisodeEdit

Prologue: Dave "Gruber" Allen introduces the cast and they take their seats.

Quotes & ReferencesEdit

  • "Note to self- Stop hiring from the cast of Deliverance."

Deliverance is a 1972 film about a group of river rafters who get brutalized by the rural (and supposedly inbred) people whose territory they enter.

  • "Washed out for snakes."

This refers to an awkwardly dubbed line in the film Eegah, which was later used in a popular episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • Doctor: "There are better ways to go, I suppose." Josh: "Ask David Carradine!"

Actor David Carradine died as a result of an accident involving auto-erotic asphyxiation.

  • Doctor: "Heinz!" Joel (laughing): "Get the 57 sauce!"

The H.J. Heinz company produces a variety of sauces and condiments. Their successful advertising slogan claimed that they produced 57 varieties of pickles. The number 57 has now come to be closely associated with the Heinz company (which is now best-known for its tomato ketchup).


Video ReleaseEdit

  • A DVD of a live performance was made available on July 17th, 2012. The DVD is no longer in production but is available second-hand through several online venues.
  • A Boxed Set with all Cinematic Titanic recorded presentations was released by Shout! Factory in 2017.
  • It can be streamed for free at
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