The Astral Factor
Movie Director John Florea
Gene Fowler Jr.
Arthur C. Pierce
Year 1978
Cast Robert Foxworth
Stefanie Powers
Elke Sommer
Leslie Parrish
Frank Ashmore
The Astral Factor was a live Cinematic Titanic performance. No recording of it has been released through official channels. A fan made version with audio recorded from the audience (synced to a poor-quality print) was uploaded to YouTube.

On the October 13th, 2013 performance, Dave (Gruber) Allen filled in for J. Elvis Weinstein, who was unavailable.

The MovieEdit

Made for television in 1978, The Astral Factor features a convicted murder (Frank Ashmore) who learns to use the power of his mind to move objects and make himself invisible. he escapes from prison and hunts down the women whom he believes have wronged him. He is pursued by a dogged police lieutenant (Robert Foxworth).

Obscure References Edit

  • "It stinks!"

During the scene with the birthday cake, Joel says "It stinks!" which gets an uproarious response from the audience. This is reference to the very popular Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Pod People in which a character sardonically says "It stinks!", which Joel then mimics in a subsequent sketch.

Notes Edit

  • Actress Marianna Hill also appeared in the infamous film Chief Zabu.
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