CT11 - War of the Insects
Release Date December 2, 2011
AKA Genocide
Movie Director Kazui Nihonmatsu
Year 1968
Cast Keisuke Sonoi
Yûsuke Kawazu
Emi Shindô
Preceded by Danger on Tiki Island
Followed by Rattlers

War of the Insects is an alternate title for the 1968 film Genocide directed by Kazui Nihonmatsu. It was used in several of Cinematic Titanic's live performances.

The Episode Edit

Prologue: Dave "Gruber" Allen introduces the cast and they take their seats.

Notes Edit

  • The film's title card uses the original English-language title "Genocide".

Video ReleaseEdit

  • A DVD was released in 2011. It is no longer in production but is available second-hand through several online venues.
  • A Boxed Set with all Cinematic Titanic recorded presentations was released by Shout! Factory in 2017.
  • It can be streamed for free at and
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